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Kelly LED Ultra Slim Cabinet Light - 20 Inch

Brand: Kelly LED
Product Code: KC6W101
Availability: In Stock
Price: $49.98
Color Temperature
With Additional Dimmer
6 Watt
24V DC
Amp Usage
0.5 Amps at 24 Volt
20 Inch
Cabinet Light
Warm White
Life Time
More then 50,000 Hours
1 Year Limited Warranty

The Kelly LED Ultra Slim Cabinet Lights are the most resourceful lighting solution for your home, retail location or business. With a ultra low energy draw, you loose none of the powerful bright light LEDs are known to deliver. Our technology uses 70% less power than other fluorescent cabinet lights which dramatically reduces the electric bill. Unlike standard alternatives, Kelly LED Lights produce virtually no heat, opening up the product for installation in any location. Our light's long life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, it offers huge maintenance reductions and provides major cost savings. The advantages of LED construction the Ultra Slim Under Cabinet Lights last longer then any other light on the market. Avoiding the use of florescent it provides a brighter light output without flicker which commonly causes eye strain. Built for any 12V power source, but when combined with Kelly LED Power Supply you can connect to your existing 110 wall power. The built in direct wire plug and easy clip installation make the Kelly LED Luminaire convenient and resourceful. Its connecting abilities allows for the lights to be linked back-to-back for custom lengths and applications. The brightest light, minimal energy use, compact in form, Kelly LED offers the best value with the latest technology.

Graced with a slim compact style, our elegant Luminaire beams a bold light worthy of notice. Styled for a optimized efficiency while keeping a slim body, the Kelly LED Ultra Slim Cabinet Light is extremely durable against temperature, moisture, and requires virtually no maintenance. As an added feature, these lights are also dimmable to find the ideal brightness for any setting. Created with the environment in mind, these lights are mercury and glass free, non-toxic and safer to use. Engineered as a space saver, all Kelly LED Ultra Slim Cabinet Lights directly fit into existing cabinet and shelf surfaces at a custom adjustable angle; making installation quick and simple. It comes in multiple color temperature choices (CCT) including cool white (6500K), neutral white (4100K), and warm white (3000K). The lens is a white opal hue (clear available for special order) giving you crisp white light that illuminates without casting shadows. The sophisticated design and style versatility in addition to bright light makes Kelly LED Ultra Slim Cabinet Light the best lighting choice.

Kelly LED Ultra Slim Under Cabinet Lights are the perfect light for commercial and residential purposes. These lights are ideal for any location or setting including; closets, cabinets, counters, utility rooms, vaults, bathrooms, jewelry cases, decorative accent and indirect lighting, back-lighting, furniture, displays, cove lighting, toe-kick applications, and any space with bright lighting needs. With unlimited application possibilities, customization is Kelly LED’s specialty when it comes to providing the perfect results to any lighting project. Kelly LED also has a broad range of accessories to extend the applications and functionality of our light. Upgrade to a better solution with Kelly LED.