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Kelly LED T8 Retrofit Tube Light - 4 Foot

Brand: Kelly LED
Product Code: T816W4FT103
Availability: In Stock
Price: $59.99
Color Temperature
4000K-4500K (DLC approved CCT)
16 Watt
110-277V AC
Amp Usage
0.22 Amps at 110 Volt
48 Inch
Life Time
More then 50,000 Hours
1 Year Limited

Efficiency: Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights are the most resourceful lighting solution for replacing existing lights with the power of LED. With a low energy draw and powerful bright white light, replace your existing fluorescent tubes with simple plug and play bulbs has never been easier. With the advanced LED technology integrated in, Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights consumes a fraction of the energy that fluorescent lights use; which dramatically reduces the electric bill. These lights are Instant-On; meaning no wait time for the lights to warm before brightening. Unlike standard fluorescent ceiling tile lights, Kelly LED Lights has the benefit of lasting much longer and provides more light output without fluorescent flicker that causes eye strain. The Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights can also function with external lighting controls to further reduce energy consumption and allows unlimited possibilities. The brightest light, minimal energy use, compact in form, Kelly LED offers the best value with the latest technology.

Design: Graced with a slim compact style, our elegant luminaire beams a bold light worthy of notice. Replacing your existing fluorescent light with Kelly LED improves the light and look of any location. With a long life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, this light offers huge maintenance reductions and provides major cost savings. Created with the environment in mind, these lights are mercury and glass free. Engineered as a space saver, all Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights directly fit into existing ceilings as hung, recessed, or suspended; making installation quick and simple. The sophisticated design and styled versatility makes Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights the best lighting choice.

Applications: Kelly LED Retrofit Tube Lights are the perfect light for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. These lights are ideal for any location and setting including; office, stores and shops, corridor, hotel, architectural, restaurant, bar and club, transportation facilities, education establishments, and any space with bright lighting needs. Upgrade to a better solution with Kelly LED.