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Almost limitless applications, from closets, cabinets, counters, utility rooms, bathrooms, jewelry cases as well as uses for decorative and back lighting.
Cabinet & Display Lights (13)
Price Range: n/a
Giving you unique specs and features, making your lighting choice easier then ever.
Kelly LED Bulbs (4)
Price Range: n/a
Lighting Science uses the cutting edge of LED Light technology to make the best Bulbs money can buy. Now easier then ever to find the right one for you. 
Lighting Science Bulbs (35)
Price Range: $159.99 - $199.99
Replace your existing ceiling lights with the beautifully designed Grid, Panel and Troffer light fixtures.
Panel & Troffer Lights (3)
Price Range: $42.99 - $59.99
The perfect replacement bulb with longer life and reduced power consumption
Retrofit Lights (8)